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Congratulations to Our Members

Congratulations and best wishes To the Following Members that have recently retired from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 40.


Charles A. Istre February 1, 2021
Thomas R. Hall February, 1, 2021
James M. Franklin March 1, 2021



Michael G. (Booter) Johnson January 1, 2020
Mark S. Smiley January 1, 2020
Stephen L. Farmer January 1, 2020
Darin P. Green April 1, 2020
Jerald Morris April 1, 2020
Paul B. Swearigen
August 1, 2020
Clelly J. (Jay) Skaggs August 1, 2020
Guy M. Jackson October 1, 2020
Victor A. (A.J.) Johnson Jr. November 1, 2020


Retired Member's 2019
Ronnie D. Faith January 1, 2019
Dwayne M. Perry March 1, 2019
Clarence J. (Jeff) Smith April 1, 2019
Ricky D. Salyers August 1, 2019
Charles L. (Chuck) Vincent September 1, 2019
Richard Stanley  October 1, 2019 
Larry E. Davis October 1, 2019


Retired Member's 2018
Rob Arnett February 1, 2018
Mark Embry March 1, 2018
Dwight Thompson June 1, 2018
Michael Moore June 1, 2018
Roger D. Hoard August 1, 2018
Bradley D. Ogburn December 1, 2018


Retired Members 2017

Retired Members 2017
John Frantz (1/1/2017)
Mark Coleman (3/1/2017)
John Wilson (4/1/2017
Steve Carter (4/1/2017)
Diane Ransom (4/1/2017

Ricky Hafley (4/1/2017)

Sherrill Woosley (4/1/2017)
Mark Revlett (4/1/2017)
Jimmy Burton (5/1/2017)
Johnny Chambers (5/1/2017)
Gerald W. Reed (5/1/2017)
Russell Davis (5/1/2017)
Jerry Walker (6/1/2017)
Louis Etherton (6/1/2017)

Teddy Crum (7/1/2017)

James Arnett (7/1/2017)
Glenn McDavid (7/1/2017)
Bob Varney (7/1/2017)
David Ogburn (8/1/2017
Jimmy Vincent (9/1/2017)
Richard Johnson (9/1/2017)
Tom Miller (9/1/2017)
Scott Napper (9/1/2017)
Scott Lee (9/1/2017)
 David Young (9/1/2017)
Robert R. Ratcliff (9/1/2017
Bill Kunkel (9/1/2017

Retired Members 2016
Steve Feldpausch
Stan Stringer
Lloyd Gardner
Jeff Greer
Troy Hammers
Terry Stayton
Mike Bush
David Paul
Brian Head
David Craig
Darrell Z. Carter
Tommy Stanley
Mikeal Reed
Mario Vasquez
Dennis J. Weaver
Boyd Suttles
Bruce White
Tony Harper


Retired Members 2015


Retired Members 2015

Jeff Everly

John Clevenger

D.D. Faith

Joel Daugherty

Billy Denson

Johnny Bradford

Michael D. Lewis

Charles Albright

Bill (Ronnie) Hall Jr

Mike Neal

David Gossett

Doug Billings

Brett Maupin

Ronnie Wilcox

Ricky Adams



Some Retirees have expressed an interest in establishing Area Retiree meeting in their home area. We will post locations, dates and times as soon as we have the information available.

If you are interested in attending a monthly Retiree Meeting in the following areas, please call the Volunteer Coordinators listed below.

*Grayson, KY Area Retiree Meeting Volunteer Coordinator

     Jim Porter @ (606) 793-3163

*Paducah, KY Area Retiree Meeting Volunteer Coordinator

     Dan Everett @ (270)748-7681


If your home area is not listed above and you would like to start a monthly meeting in your area, please contact Mike Autry for more assistance.

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