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 Prepared letters to submit to TVA for Shawnee Environmental Assessment of Units 1 & 4 on Members Page...Volunteers needed to help with door to door canvassing and staffing phone banks...Please visit the Members only page for more information...Election Day is November 4th...Please exercise your rights and vote in this very important election...DITCH MITCH...DITCH MITCH...Our next union meeting will be on November 14, 2014...We will begin depositing our Vacation Fund Money with the Union Trades Federal Credit Union in West Virginia effective January 1, 2015....

 International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local Lodge 40


I. Employees Who Are Eligible to Vote Have a Constitutional and Statutory Right to At Least Four Hours Off to Vote if They Ask Off At Least a Day in Advance
Section 148 creates a constitutional mandate for the state legislature to provide employees with at least four hours off to vote. In relevant part, it reads: “The General Assembly shall provide by law that all employers shall allow employees, under reasonable regulations, at least four hours on election days, in which to cast their votes.”
The state legislature has responded to this mandate with KRS 118.035. KRS 118.035(2) requires an employer to provide an employee who is eligible to vote with at least four (4) hours off for either of two (2) purposes: (1) going to the polls on Election Day; or (2) requesting or executing an absentee ballot during his or her county clerk's normal business hours.
This right is subject to two (2) limitations: (1) the employee must ask off a day or more in advance; and (2) his or her employer may specify which hours the employee takes off.
KRS 118.035(3) provides that an employee may not be disciplined for exercising his rights under Section 148 and KRS 118.035(2), unless he or she failed to vote during this time under circumstances not preventing him or her from voting.

Lodge Officers 

July 1, 2014 

Chris Elmore
Vice President
Jared Minner
Business Manager / Secretary Treasurer
Michael W. Autry
Recording Secretary
Alan Biddle
Trustee Chairman
Todd Elswick
Jerry Gifford
Jesse Elmore
Daven Copeland


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